Our Mission

We provide our partners with complete audio-visual production services for conferences, annual meetings, off-site trainings, trade shows, galas and social events. We deliver the highest possible production values for each budget, as well as unparalleled customer service and flawless on-site delivery. Three Phase Productions builds a comprehensive technical design and establishes the ideal union of sound, lights, and screens so that you can Create Your Moment.


Our Process

Three Phase Productions works side-by-side with each of our partners through three phases of the event experience:

  1. Build: We take the time to learn about your work and your goals for the event, and complete a technical design that matches your particular needs.
  2. Create: We know that building atmosphere requires balancing great technical work with thoughtful aesthetics. We beautifully light your presenters, establish the appropriate mood for the room with a balanced soundscape, and create scenic stage designs that support your speakers and highlight your brand.
  3. Exceed: We handle the the intricacies of production so that attendees can absorb and enjoy your event fully. You outshine your competitors; you transcend your audience’s notions of a successful event; you surpass your goals for brand impact; and we exceed your expectations of what an audio-visual services provider can be.

Our Services

Pick and choose the services you want for each event, selecting as many or all as required. Not sure what you need? We can help you figure that out, too.

  • Video Display: digital projection to display live presenters, prerecorded video, presentation programs, static imagery, and other visual media
  • Voice Amplification: microphones and sound systems to reinforce the voices of your presenters and boost the sounds of the room
  • Remote Communications: tools to manage video conferencing, virtual meetings, webcasts, and live streaming
  • IMAG (Image Magnification): immediate display of your presenters to give all attendees a front row seat
  • Lighting: spotlights, stage wash, uplights, and gobos in the perfect hues
  • Scenic Furnishings: staging and decor items to set the scene
  • Audience Engagement: management of in-room feedback, live voting and polling, and delivery of instant results

In addition to handling your plenary sessions, TPP provides complete management of your concurrent sessions and workshops.